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You can find me drawing, dancing, reading, and writing most of the time. Music is a huge part of my life and I couldn't live without it. I don't stick to one genre of music, I listen to them all but not rap.. i hate rap.. no offense. My favorite song changes from day to day and mood to mood. Veggie chips is my addiction... I'm usually very shy, but if you try I'll most likely open up to you. I don't trust people easily, but once you earn my trust I'll turn to you for help and tell you anything. If you really care to know more send me a message and follow me (:
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just 3/?? random Nicole moments (literally)

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His love of rings has lead to a severe donut addiction. 

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Seungyeon (Kim Sunmi) & Siwan (Jung Woosung)

I watched… Three movies today! Finding Nemo, Five Year Engagement and Meet the Fockers. All of them were great :) and while watching the movies I made index cards for chapters 1-3 for western civ. just getting ready for midterms in March lol. Still have to do chapters 4 and 5. Right now… There’s a huge windy windy ness going on outside, it’s freaking me out.


Can we just observe when he says “communicate their feelings and just enjoy each other’s company” what we see is people just staring on their phones. No one is interacting with another person.

Aren’t we mindless zombies already?

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